P&Cs Qld, with funding and support from the Department of Education has established the P&Cs Container Refund Scheme Program for Queensland state schools. Each school in the program acts as a collection point and receives a refund for recycled eligible drink containers.

The program is necessary as the state school system is a complex environment in which to operate the scheme, with some of the important considerations being child safety, workplace roles and responsibilities, site risk mitigation and equitable access.

For each container collected, the P&C will receive 7 cents. P&Cs Qld will use 3c to:

  • ensure the CRS fundraising activities are covered by the P&C’s insurance policies
  • simplify the process by providing P&Cs guidance through the various steps
  • provide educational, marketing and promotional material specifically designed for state schools
  • negotiate with multiple Refund Point Operators to ensure the best practical and financial outcomes for all state schools
  • fund an Environmental Officer to support participating state schools and ensure they receive the maximum benefit from the CRS.

P&Cs Qld is not using this scheme to raise funds – the goal is to cover our administrative costs and the Refund Point Operator Collection Fee.

The pilot program commenced on 1 November 2018 and is no longer a ‘pilot program’ but open to all State School P&Cs.