For each container collected your P&C will receive 7 cents regardless of the collection fee. P&Cs Qld will retain 3c to cover collection fees and to administer the pilot program with the view of creating long-term policies and procedures ensuring  state schools benefit from this valuable environmental and educational activity. Establishing safe and sustainable practices will  benefit all Qld state schools and their local communities.

Based on a 3c/7c where modelling school returns could be up to $10,000 per year based on 360 students each returning 10 containers per week for 39 weeks per year.

The state school is a complex environment in which to operate the scheme so P&Cs Qld will administer the pilot program to prepare for and manage issues such as child safety, work place roles and responsibilities, site risk mitigation and equitable access.

P&Cs Qld is not using this scheme to raise funds – the goal is to cover our administrative costs and the Refund Point Operator Collection Fee.