P&Cs Qld will partner your school with a nominated Refund Point Operator (Waste Operator) to implement the on-site collection of eligible drink containers.

Encourage the school community to collect and return clean, unsorted drink containers to the school drop-off point.

Depending on your allocated Refund Point Operator (RPO), students will either directly deposit the drink containers into an on-site wheelie bin or take an onion-style bag home to fill and return to school on nominated days.

The RPO will collect waste from your school at agreed times.

P&Cs Qld collects 10c per container on behalf of registered schools. P&Cs Qld then returns 7c per container to your school’s P&C, retaining 3c per container. Any collection fees are absorbed by P&Cs Qld.

P&Cs Qld will supply you with tools and advice to ensure your school complies with operating considerations such as child safety, workplace roles and responsibilities, site risk mitigation and equitable access to the scheme.

We have partnered with two RPOs: Envirobank and Return.It. Each organisation has a different approach to collecting the containers from state schools.

Have any questions about having your containers collected from your school? Contact us.