Does your school have a CRS champion?

The vital role of  P&C CRS Champion

Queensland’s container refund scheme (CRS) is now up and running after its launch in November 2018.
P&Cs Qld is currently running a pilot program to trial two different methods of on-site container collection and will be bringing more schools into “Phase 2” in term 1.
Whether your P&C decides to join the P&Cs Qld program for on-site collection or goes it alone, you are going to need a volunteer “Champion” to coordinate your recycling efforts.
The P&C CRS Champion coordinates the P&C’s CRS program, including tasks such as publicity and promotion, managing volunteers, engaging with students and liaising with Refund Point Operators.
It is the P&C CRS Champion’s responsibility to:
• organise a subcommittee or group of volunteers to provide support with this fundraising and environmental education activity
• create communication material to engage and educate the school community such as Facebook posts, newsletter articles, letters home or emails to families
• coordinate on-site implementation of the scheme
• organise collection days with the Refund Point Operator
• coordinate the financial aspects of the scheme ­ track funds raised and expenses, and report back to the P&C
• coordinate the educational aspect and work with school staff to integrate container recycling into the school curriculum and have a presence at assembly/parade.

Environment Minister, Leeanne Enoch and Noosa MP, Sandy Bolton acknowledge Sunshine Beach SS great work on the CRS.

Tips for a successful CRS program
• Communicate! Use all means available to you to maximise the reach across the school community.
• Minimise contamination and maximise fundraising potential with ongoing education about eligible and non-eligible containers.
• Have a fundraising goal or target and communicate it through infographics (try free programs like Canva or Piktochart).
• Partner with a school staff member to share the role of Champion for a greater chance of long-term success.
• Incorporate the scheme into the school curriculum and include students in the sorting process.
• Increase your fundraising by encouraging local businesses, local families and relatives living in other parts of Queensland to use your P&C’s unique scheme ID when making off-site donations.

P&Cs Qld Rachael Williams with student environmental champions and Kelly Rechtin, President of the P&C discussing environmental initiatives at Sunshine Beach state school.