Q: My P&C missed out on the Pilot Program starting on 1 November 2018. Can we still participate?

A: Yes! P&Cs Qld is on-boarding more P&Cs to participate in on-site collection regularly. Register your interest here


Q: Can the Student Council coordinate and receive the CRS funds raised at our school?

A: The Student Council can help coordinate the CRS, however, as P&C Associations have charitable status they are in the best position to be the central entity and receive funds under the scheme.


Q: How will containers be collected from our school?
A: P&Cs Qld will partner your school with a nominated Refund Point Operator (Waste Operator) and they will collect the containers from your school at agreed times. You will be provided with the collection resources (bins or bags etc) at no cost to your school / P&C.


Q: What is the minimum volume of containers our school should have before we have our containers collected?

A: Your school should aim to have at least 1,000 containers ready for collection. That is about the equivalent of 20 collection mesh bags or 4 240L wheelie bins full.

Q: How do I register for a unique scheme identifier?

A: Check out the P&Cs Qld How to guide to assist your P&C in registering with Containers for Change for a unique scheme identifier.


Q: Can state schools collect glass on-site?

A: Collecting glass as part of your on-site collection is not recommended due to the risks associated with broken glass around children and young people.


Q: Can state schools have cages on their school grounds?

A: It is recommended that the drink containers are stored in enclosed infrastructure such as wheelie bins or skip bins.  As per local council regulations it is the landowners responsibility to keep rubbish and waste within their property boundary.  Having a cage increases the likelihood that liquids will drain from the containers that have not been emptied, which may cause problems with neighbouring properties. Containment must be addressed and mitigated through your risk assessment if your school goes ahead with on-site collection using cages to store drink containers.


Q: Can container lids / caps be deposited along with the containers?
A: Generally bottle lids need to removed before depositing your containers. But if your school partners with Return-It, you’re able to leave them on. You may also like to have a box at your school for placing the caps into (for example at your OSHC). Students can then use them to create an artwork of some sort. This is a great way to get kids thinking creatively about waste!