P&Cs Qld is proud to be partnered with these organisations for our program.

Return.It is part of Re.Group, an Australian company providing high quality services for recycling and the recovery of resources from discarded materials. With its highly credentialed team, Re.Group is supporting Australian communities to move towards a waste free society.

Return.It are partnering with charity organisations and will have 109 collection points across Queensland.

Return.It are the major operators in Containers for Change. They are looking after our schools through on-site collection by providing you with 240L wheelie bins to make collection a safe, secure and environmental activity for Queensland’s state schools.

Social responsibility is a key component of the Return.It business model.

Check out their website and Facebook Page

Envirobank Recycling


Envirobank was the first collection, reward and redemption platform for recycling bottles and cans in Australia. Envirobank has 47 collection points across Queensland as part of the Containers for Change.

Envirobank are trialling a Bag Drop pilot where the school families will collect their drink containers at home and bring in on collection day.  This method aims to reduce the storage of containers on the school grounds.

Check out their website and Facebook Page

Scout Recycling provides state schools with wheelie bins (240L) and skip bins (1.2m length x 1.2m width x 950mm height).

Not only can you borrow these bins, they will deliver them to you too.

Check out their website and Facebook page.